Stephanie Hilvitz


I have been working in some form or another with my art for the past 30 years. I have studied at the California College of the Arts and have a BFA degree from CSU in fibers. After a hiatus of nearly 15 years I have begun showing my work publicly again.

My work has always focused on the tactile, layering of fabric, beads and/or mixed media. I have enjoyed the exploration recently of journaling and that additional layering of words that adds both transparency and story telling to the images in my new mixed media pieces. I have a love of strong color, texture and pattern and use these elements in all media that I choose to work in.

My most recent mixed media work deals with the concepts of home and community. The home, as a container for the soul; protecting and prevailing over all its inhabitants. Spirit Houses meant to hold those dear ones safe and protected, a little talisman to hang by the door.

My alter pieces explore the same concept of family, telling stories with pictures, symbols and words. I work with you to gather stories, symbols and images to put together a personal shrine to honor loved ones.