Robin Bryant

I have been working in clay since 1979. My present work is using porcelain and white stoneware clay and cone 5/6 oxidation firings, using the electric kiln. I love the bright and clear colors that are produced using mason stains.

My work is strictly functional. I typically focus on one or two glaze colors on a piece and line my pieces with a clear glaze to complement the clay and the food that will be served in my pieces. I want my pieces to be used in everyday life.

Making pottery has served various purposes in my life that have fed both the creative and emotional parts of my life. It has provided an outlet for creativity, an opportunity to meet other creative people, and to join a community from which to learn, to share, and to be inspired.

In addition to my membership with the East Boulder County Arts Association, I am also a member of the Boulder Potters Guild.

phone: 303-352-9856