Outreach & Education

EBCA provides workshops and demonstrations to the local under-served population and the community at large. The annual Studio Tour serves as an excellent opportunity for the public to learn from EBCA artists; there are always a number of demonstrations occurring throughout the Tour weekend at individual studios. In addition, outreach projects have included partnering with organizations such as Balfour facilities, Project Yes, the Lafayette Peach Festival, Legacy High School, Mesa Elementary School and the Association for Community Living.

Outreach and education are primary objectives of EBCA. In the last year alone, EBCA held more than 110 group or individual artist activities reaching approximately 4400 attendees and guests.

Request EBCA Artists for Your Event

EBCA artitists are talented in a variety of mediums.  Please contact our artists for your event: Fundraiser, Art Birthday Party, Art Classes, School Projects

EBCA Outreach


As many of you know part of EBCA's function is to offer outreach in the community. The group we teach is called SCOPE which consists of about ten mentally challenged adults. It is held in the Memorial Center at the Roosevelt park in Longmont. This fall EBCA artists, Jean Riordan and David Beumee  taught really fun and appreciated classes. Thank you to them! Coming in November and December will be Charlette Zink and Jill Quinlin. It is time to sign up for the Winter/Spring classes. I am asking artists to consider teaching a class. I am there at each class to assist you. These classes are fun in that the students are always happy with what they create. Think of something a 4th grader would enjoy. Contact Anita Jantz to sign up.  Thanks so much for volunteering.

Art Instruction by EBCA Artists


Our growing group of sculptors, painters, printmakers, fiber artists, glass artists, potters, book binders, wood carvers, and metal smiths offer individual and group lessons at community centers and artist's studios throughout the year.

Please directly contact the artists here.

Workshops at Balfour Assisted Living


Every spring, EBCA artists host several workshops for seniors living with Alzheimer's at Balfour Senior Living in Louisville. In the past we have instructed sessions on watercolor, shrine-making, book arts, clay birds, mosaic, collage and more. Through grants and donnations, EBCA is able to provide a lead instructor and artist assistant for each workshop. This is a wonderful way that our organization can give back to and be an active part of the community that supports us.


10th Anniversary Public Golf Ball Sculpture Project

To get the public involved in our 10th year, EBCA launched a public art project decorating re-cycled golf-balls at community events in 2008.  Young and old decorated recycled golf balls at the Peach Festival, Louisville Street Fair and pARTiculars. The decorated golf-balls have been assembled by teams of EBCA artists into finished art pieces.  We will display our golf ball sculptures at three preview exhibits during the 10th annual Studio Tour.