Nina Freda 

My artist career started on a dare.  In the early 90’s I was in Old Colorado City shopping with a couple of friends.  Diane fell in love with an odd chair that was painted with at least 40 different colors and 20 different patterns.  Checks, polka dots, stripes and plaids with a simple landscape scene on the seat.  It was the strangest and most interesting piece of furniture I’d ever seen.  I told her I could paint that and she dared me to and I did.

That day opened up a now 3 decades love of hand painted furniture, painted and carved and stained gourds, canvas work and now my newest obsession fused glass. So I guess I would be called a multi-medium artist.  All I know is that it all is so fun. 

Glass is a pleasure to look at and feel even in it’s natural state.  I love to look at the large sheets of colored glass whether is it opac or translucent.  It sits there until it seems to say what it wants to be.  I am a novice at glass and am awed each and every time I open the kiln.  It’s like Christmas.  Surprise!

When people ask me how I do all these different mediums, all I can say is, “it’s just paint or it’s just a gourd”.  If what you plan doesn’t work out you just start over or go a different direction.  No worries no stress.  Just plain fun.  My father used to tell me I was a jack of all trades and a master of none.  Apparently he thought that was a bad thing, I view it as a blessing.   Now in my 50’s I realize it is the best way to look at art and love and life.


For the Love of the Aspen   

For the Love of the Aspen