Mary Covell

Artist Statement

I don’t think there’s anything more fun than playing in mud:  the feel of the clay and water; the act of centering both your mind and your piece; the absolute freedom of what can be created with your hands and a few tools; and finally the anticipation as those creations are glazed and fired to incredible temperatures, then returned to your hands.  So many things cans happen in that process.

My pieces are functional and colorful.  I want them filled with great food and drink, set on a table that’s surrounded by interesting people, to be part of the celebration.  I want them to feel good in your hands.  The coffee mugs should fit your hands and your lips.  The plates should add to the beauty of the food.  So use them! Please don’t set them on a shelf.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I moved to Colorado in 1971 and worked my left-brain for years as an accountant.  Pottery saved me from that unbalanced state sixteen years ago when I took my first adult class.  I have taken many classes and workshops through the years and have taught classes myself.  I am a member of the Boulder Potters Guild, Arts Longmont and EBCA.