Marti Nash


Each artist concocts their own unique mix of skill, media and motive to creatively comment on the world. 

I start with drawings and color studies that are developed later in the studio or, as in the plein air paintings, completed in the field.  Keeping the energy of these beginnings is always a desired goal.

Oil is my preferred medium for painting but I also use acrylic and mixed media.  Woodcut prints are carved on basswood and hand pulled, then sometimes gouache color added (as in my book illustrations.)

I don't know how useful making art is -- except for me.   Being an artist requires an intensity of focus, of being absorbed in the creative process, that is my road to inner harmony. 

I have written and illustrated (with woodcut/gouache prints) a children's picture book, "There Is A Tree" published 2007. Cards and giclees of my original paintings and prints are available.