Mark Rossier

Iā€™m never quite certain whether I chose to be a potter, or whether it chose me. But we are clearly hopelessly bound for this lifetime. And I am grateful for that.

For over thirty years I have chased after the subtleties of what makes a beautiful, functional, inspiring and even transcendent piece of pottery, from the techniques to be mastered in manipulating the clay to the chemistry involved in successfully getting it through the firing process.

I love the familiar shapes of functional pottery combined with richly layered surfaces of decoration and color. My current work is a return for me to more decorated surfaces, but now I am layering brushed and drawn slip clay underneath translucent colored glazes. I am enjoying seeing through these layers of decoration down to the clay form they appear to grow out of.

Pottery is what I do. And I have continued to do it not just because it is so richly complex a process, but because I believe pottery holds a unique place in both the art and craft worlds with its ability to transcend its function and aesthetics to actually participate in our daily lives. It reminds us of who we are. And that is why I believe that pottery is always contemporary, and always needed.