Margot Rowan

  Margot Rowan’s passion for color and movement is poetically expressed through her brush to canvas. Using layer upon layer of acrylic and mixed media with an epoxy resin finish where it lends itself. Revealing a multitude of organic shapes and strokes is the essence of Margot’s abstract collection.
  Inspired originally by her father who was an oil painter, art was always around her growing up. Later in her studies she became inspired as well by the great masters like Picasso and Matisse. Listening to music and the colors in her minds eye lead her brush work. Margot’s canvas is captivating with infinite details continuously evolving. Artistic expression is a life journey for Margot which has taken her across the globe for sources of inspiration and technique. The range of her style is evident in the spectrum of her work.   Art is her soulful expression and is grateful for opportunities to share it.

Juried Shows: 
Vail Arts Festival, Kunming China Inaugural Art Exchange 

Creative Framing Fine Art Gallery
Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery
Shows: The Saint Julien Hotel, Boulder

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