Louise Sliman


I have created things all my life from sewing my own clothes to creating my own pottery.

About 15 years ago I decided to try painting. I started with pastels, quickly moved on to acrylics and now paint mainly in oils. Like my medium, my interests have developed and changed. In acrylics   I painted primarily non representational abstracts rendered quickly in saturated colors.  When I decided to try oil painting I found it difficult to create abstracts using the methods I had been working with and began to experiment with different techniques. 

About 3 years ago I met Michael Dowling at the ASLD Summer Art Market and began studying with him soon afterward.  Under his tutelage and encouragement I have grown into the artist I am today.  I have learned to see and draw better and to follow my artistic instincts rather than the "rules" when painting. 

My work now incorporates techniques and colors used by the old masters. I am interested in depicting relationships and emotions in my portraits and figurative studies.