Leslie Maya-Charles



Although my art life has been long and varies with experiments and work in ceramics, glass, quilting, wearable art, and book making, I am currently impassioned by my second visit to the world of metal and jewelry.

I am fascinated by what and why people wear jewelry. The urge to adorn ourselves seems to be a need that stretches back to the dawn of mankind.

Although I still occasionally wander into the world of small sculptural pieces, my concentration is on making wearable sized, one-of-a-kind pieces. I’m drawn to copper, brass, and silver.

In this carnation of myself as a jeweler I am drawn to work that looks old, worked, handed down through generations. I want my ‘hand’ to show in the work. I want my pieces to hint at a prior life, a hint of where they’ve been before.

I want my work to look like something you found in the Paris flea market, in the back alleys of Istanbul, or mysteriously handed down from an unknown relative.

No one should ever wonder if my pieces are hand made!