Leslie Emerson

Beads are the earliest evidence of humans’ ability to think in abstract terms. Beads are unique in how they tie cultures, civilizations and ideas together across countless centuries and across millions of miles. Through my art and jewelry creations I attempt to share not only the beauty of the beads themselves, but also the magic of the creation of beads, their messages and meanings, and the amazing paths they take to come into our lives. I create necklaces, earrings and bracelets incorporating primarily vintage, antique and ancient beads. The tactile attraction of the beads is undeniable. Jewelry and adornment are, and always have been, extraordinarily personal. Love, trust, stature, secrets, meanings and much more are represented by shapes, colors, figures…through metal, glass, minerals, shells and fibers. I combine these elements to reach into the heart and mind and soul of an individual. I see this opportunity to create something new from those things older as a gift from cultures of the past. And through my bead embroidery I am afforded a broader canvas to send more complex messages using these amazing tactile treasures.