Leslie Capizzi


I am a practical soul, rock-rooted to the earth where I find a deep contentment working with the responsive surfaces of silver and gold. 

I hammer and shape and torch.  My inspiration for design springs out of my diverse loves: ancient cave art, Japanese characters and Asian architecture, astrological symbols, Scandinavian design and my collection of vintage jewelry books.  I am drawn to cross-cultural symbols that hold messages from the past, messages that can reveal a path to the unlimited wisdom within our own hearts. 

When I work with the healing power of stone—the warmth of amber, the clarity of quartz crystal—and precious metals, I feel connected to those who have walked before me, into the deserts and up the mountains.  I sit in my Colorado studio and sift through my stones.  I choose an elegant piece of lapis and am humbled by an elemental connection to the minerals and veins of the earth.  I place the lapis next to a band of silver, pick up my sketch book and begin.