Lauren Berley

My work in multiple disciplines mirrors a cinematic and intimate experience of the world, polarity, and what it means to be human.  It also demonstrates the goggles through which I observe and process absurdity.

For two decades, I have been fortunate to see my photography in publications and projections on both coasts and abroad, and to serve as a liaison between the gritty wasteland of Ground Zero and the museums, historical institutions, and educational facilities that forever tell the story of 9.11.2001. 
In my twenties, I began a career photographing young Hollywood and its glossy fashion, an environment where I developed my raw and honest style.  Since then I have seen much more and my insatiable, edgy curiosity has only grown.

I have never lived on the surface.  I can't function there.

In 2013 I began painting and experimenting with mixed-media.  Working with new tools is invigorating, spontaneous, and playful.  I feel it in my work and in my person.

I portray my thoughts using iconic toys and imagery.  It is a glimpse into my sarcastic mind and how I turn bothersome subjects into play.  This is how I go about my day ordinarily, turning the mundane and the absurd into mind pictures that make me laugh.