Katy Diver

Ceramic artist

I love clay! Its flexibility, weight, and texture all inspire me. As I carve and sculpt the clay, the material itself inspires a continuing stream of images, some whimsical, some more contemplative.

I create clay wall plaques starting with a thick flat slab of clay, I draw and carve the images. After the plaques are fired, I paint them, brushing inks and metallic colors over the textured surface.

I also create garden art; these weather-resistant sculptures add magic to the landscape whether they are half-buried in snow or surrounded by flowers. Many include mosaic elements; some are designed as working fountains.Recently, I have been making large clay pieces to be installed in public art settings.

I teach a class in making garden totems made of large clay “beads” got to my website and join my mailing list if you want to know the schedule.

I invite you to contact me if you would like to come to my studio and garden to see current work. My studio is open year round by appointment.