Jean Riordan

I started painting in late 2004.  Prior to this time I made wearable art and earlier than that I made silver jewelry.  When I started painting my first love and interest was watercolor, sometimes mixed with oil pastel.  After working with watercolors for about a year and a half, I tried acrylics, but vowed never to work in oil.
Well, life changes.  Oil is now my favorite medium, although I use all three.  I still believe that nothing is more beautiful than the mixtures watercolors create.  As someone once said, “Pigment and water play well together.”  Then again, nothing is more luscious than the creamy texture of oil paint.  It has a creamy quality that is unequaled, not to mention a venerable history.  But, when you don’t have time to let oil paint dry, acrylic can be wild, fast and fun.  You can get vibrant color and get done in less than an eon.
Life tends to come full circle, and I also have recently gone back to printmaking, something that I started in college.  Techniques and materials have changed over the years, making the process safer and less toxic.  If only time were infinite.
Painting for me is a challenge as well as a personal exploration.  I work hard at playing with painting which is half the fun.  That which comes easily seems of less value whether it really is or not.  My friends have guided the development of my work, from the friend who gave me a gift certificate to a bookstore that I spent on the art book that got me started, to the friend who came up with the name for my business, to the friend who touted oil painting and got me interested in trying it.
Underlying all of my work is the desire to create beauty and share it with others.  I tend to depict concepts and often go to the whimsical rather than the realistic.  Right now I wish to work very seriously on my painting, and I feel that I am heading in new directions. My motto is, “It’s all good!” because the quest for beauty and excellence is so wonderful.



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