James Bornheimer

When I retired, I began woodworking and have enjoyed every minute of it.

Wood is a wonderful medium. The variety of colors, grains, hardness, all go into the planning and execution of the pieces. The satisfaction you get from your work is instantaneously due to its uses in everyday life. (Likewise, it is frustrating - albeit still a teaching moment - when the project goes sideways.)

To date, I have focused on crafting pens both rollerball and fountain pens. By April, I'm hoping to have been able to make the investment in upgrading some of my power tools so that I can branch out and begin to make bowls and other household items.

I have exhibited at the Prospect Studio Tour, Boulder's First Friday's and the Boulder Pop-up store (part of the Boulder Studio Tour group). I have also had a booth at the Colorado Pen Show and have had my pens sold at various craft shops in Boulder and Longmont