Ashton Lacy Jones

Color, bright, strong, vibrant color inspires me.   Color for me is deeply tied to memory: playing under the shower of yellow petals from a Cassia Fistula tree shaken by the wind, laying on my back staring up at the speckled red canopy of Poinciana’s in bloom, the dark navy dress I wore to my father’s funeral.   I was born and raised in Miami and I was inundated with vibrant color all around me.  I could not possibly choose a “favorite” color – there could never be just one.  I often dance in my studio when colors come together to create something larger than what my small imagination could have composed.  Those are the moments of divine intervention.  I love the surprise of an unexpected color combination, a juxtaposition I had not imagined and then I try to discover what those colors sparked in me; to see if I can I capture that immediacy and grab that flicker of memory.  But these are my memories, I leave my work open to your own interpretation.  I only hope I sparked something in you.