G. Eliot

It’s easy to get caught up in physical surroundings, determining what should and shouldn’t exist based on what is seen every day. Occasionally, an opportunity comes along that invites childlike curiosity and indulges the senses, or permits a carefree moment to wonder what might exist in a world of pure whimsy. In this world, money actually grows on trees and there are literal beds made of roses. Items that logic says shouldn’t exist end up fitting nicely within this world.

My work explores the world of whimsicality or comedy using hand-built clay objects. My influences are found in everyday life, stories, dreams, and tales of real-life adventures of both myself and others. I also find joy in the tactile nature of clay, which allows me to create creatures that are humorous or light-hearted, and at times, provides an avenue for disparate parts and pieces to come together to produce both known and unknown beings, plants and animals.