elizabeth Hake

I am intrigued by the unknown origin of found objects; where they came from and how they arrived on the ground before me. The moment I find something is so exciting for me, the possibilities of what I can build to showcase this treasure are boundless. Part of my job is making order out of chaos and the synchronicity of me crossing paths with a piece of trash compels me to give it a new home where it will be appreciated and adored.

Working in the medium of jewelry the idea of value and worth is always a factor.  My work comments on traditional ideas of value; to me the trash I pick up off the ground is treasure and making a wearable piece of art to house it is my way of honoring pieces that others see as rubbish. Many of the found pieces I use have been outside exposed to the elements creating interesting random patterns. These found materials combined with my own original jewelry designs produce an interesting dichotomy; classic wearable designs with an unexpected twist.