Eliza Graves

My work is primarily inspired by nature, drawing on my memories as a child growing up in beautiful rural Vermont, as well as my travels, living in San Diego and now Colorado. Experiences in nature inspire pieces, which then remind me of the experiences. It becomes a wonderful cycle that helps me to recall with fresh happiness the joy of these memories, celebrate and honor the natural beauty of these special places on Earth, and impart my love for them to others.

I use traditional metalsmithing techniques to bring my love of nature to life. I enjoy mixing metals to shape a story, layering contrasting textures and colors to create landscapes in metal, and adding dimension or hidden hand-pierced scenes of nature to statement pieces. My most recent work explores the technique of fold forming and anticlastic forming, where I create three dimensional forms out of flat sheet metal by alternating between forging and annealing the metal, until it has been transformed into an organic sculpture, such as a falling leaf. 

With each finished piece, I can reconnect to the experience of my cherished past, and my heart becomes light. It brings me great joy to be able to combine my love of nature and my past into wearable fine art, then send them out into the world where they will experience life, create new memories, and hopefully be passed down through generations.