Cindy Britan

Self-growth, self-awareness and perception are all aspects that are unique to the human condition. My former career as a mental health counselor, and more specifically, a play therapist, has sensitized me to the complex processes involved in the individual search of the elusive self. 
I am inspired by the personal strength of character that develops as a part of this search; the ability of one to not only recover from unspeakable life challenges; but emerge resilient. 
Through my work, I invite the viewer to make connections to their own life experiences, and reflect on their own failures and triumphs.  I strive to elicit emotions that lead to greater self-awareness, and an understanding of how one shapes his or her individual perceptions.
I explore this process through hand sculpting the human figure, and anthropomorphic animal figures, in clay.  
I continue to investigate the psychological challenges, and changing outcomes that are uniquely human.  I enjoy the challenge of visually and metaphorically capturing those concepts into a concrete form. I am always interested in why some emerge resilient and some get stuck in the struggle; what individual differences shape our perception and experiences; and how can we start to gain control over those processes and perceptions.