Carolann Chambliss

Seed to art.  It’s often a year-long process of cultivating, curing, and cleaning a gourd before I match its shape and natural patterns with my chosen design.  I am inspired by African mud-cloth patterns, Peruvian story-gourds, Native American patterns and botanicals.  After burning the pattern into the gourd, I paint it with translucent ink dyes or more opaque acrylics. I often carve elements and the finishing touches are an eclectic mix of found objects and nature’s artifacts. 
I completed a degree in Fine Art in 1980 and life quickly distracted me from the continued growth of my creative side.  15 or so  years ago, I grew several hundred gourds on our farm, let them dry, bought a book on gourd art, and “the rest is history.”  I continue to take technique classes and hope to one day develop my own “signature style.”  For now, I’m having a wonderful time learning, creating, and teaching classes in my studio.  I may be reached at 303/819-9077 or  

“For me, the gourd is not merely the medium that I use, but a genuine co-creator of the finished product. Working with organic materials such as gourds is a relational experience that is extremely important to what I do and how I create.”