Ashton Lacy Jones


Ashton Lacy Jones, artist and owner of Bone Yard Arts

The creative process for me is one that is both automatic and emotional. The majority of my abstract works are inspired by the sights and sounds around me, the music I listen to, the colors of the world, or the patterns of light reflected in the windows of stopped cars.  Inspiration is everywhere.  I am constantly taking note of the patterns, shapes and the juxtaposition of colors.  Other times I am process driven:  I want to see how far I can push a medium, to see if I can make the wild idea in my imagination come to fruition.

I am internally driven and emotionally charged, my original paintings and mixed media art have been described as “fun, beautiful and curious”.   I cross over a variety of mediums including but never limited to: encaustic, mixed media, glass and metal works.

I am a self-taught, artist originally hailing from Coral Gables, Florida. While I have been creating art in various forms throughout my life it was not until 2010 when I naturally reversed serious health conditions by quitting the practice of law that I switched to creating art on a full-time basis