Amy Mathews

Amy Mathews - Impasto Art Gallery I take inspiration from the world around me and my heart translates those emotions through paint and onto canvas. Assorted scarves at the local store, vegetables in the garden and colorful cars parked in a row all become stokes of color and movement as if orchestrated like music. Some call my style abstract expressionism.

I love to include a unique signature into every piece, whether it’s sand from a lake or gold flake I find in jewelry. With each piece I imagine how the completed work will look and the feelings it will evoke. My process is to let the paint and medium guide me. Rarely does the finished product coalesce exactly as I had imagined but it always represents the feeling in that moment.

Instagram @impastoart

Originally from the California Mojave Desert, Amy’s world was a tangle of dry tumbleweeds and Joshua trees.  The barren landscape surroundings were not much inspiration for her, at the time.  In 2004 she moved to Colorado where beauty of Colorado became a great inspiration and her love for painting was born.  She now not only sees, but also appreciates the beauty in all aspects of life, including the dusty desert!  She has carved out her niche in her signature “impasto” style.  See her work in person at her gallery, Impasto Art Gallery.


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